Glassblasting. This mechanical surface treatment process improves resistance to pitting and stress corrosion. The glass blasting process is aimed at cleaning the surface and generate compressive stresses in the surface layer – these stresses are needed due to the strengthening of the surface layer of material, and obtaining the necessary mechanical properties of the surface.  The glass blasting process increases stainless steel resistance to stress corrosion – stress corrosion cracking.
Such processes may also generate compressive stresses in the surface layer of material. Reducing surface roughness has a very positive effect on corrosive resistance of processed stainless steel components.
Depending on clients’ needs glass blasting includes different types of abrasives. To obtain a high-quality satin surface it is necessary to properly prepare a given element, i.e., no scratches after grinding (properlychosen grinding technique!). It is possible to use a combination of abrasives to eliminate superficial scratches and overheating.
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