hires specialists with many years of experience

Continuously since 2008, the RENOVATIO Company has successfully supported both major international corporations and small local companies by offering abrasive blasting.

We use cleaners that were used for restoration works at such prestigious buildings as: Reichstag, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, the Louvre Museum and Notre Dame Cathedral.


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orders completed
in 2014


specialists employed
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RENOVATIO is a company that specializes in abrasive blasting and restoration of historic façades made of brick, sandstone or stone.
We provide comprehensive renovation services of historic buildings made of red brick, clinker or sandstone.

Our clients are offered a wide range of abrasive blasting applied to, among others, stainless steel and aluminium using glass material, and carbon steel using cast steel shot. As one of few companies in Poland we offer SODABLASTING.


are benefits for our Clients

We take care and continually monitor the quality and precision of all services we offer

We adjust our offer and time of execution to clients’ individual expectations

we provide our services on companies’ premises or directly in Clients’ homes

we have mobile intervention teams, and we work in every region of Poland!